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Soft Keira Knightley PSD by JoRPs. Feel free to adjust any layers. Please like or reblog if you download! Don’t redistribute or claim as your own. download

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when they were prepping me for the surgery the nurse put one of those cloth hats over my head to keep the hair out of my face

she said “here’s your party hat”

and i was already trippin balls so I said 

"yaAAY paaaarty"

and wiggled around on the table like a gleeful slug

i think about this post sometimes and it makes me grin like a dope

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when youre very proud of yourself


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My dad just saw my report card and started yelling at me because there was an F on it, but it actually was F for female as in gender


When you’re taking notes and you look away for a second and look back up and 

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i don’t want my milkshake to bring the boys to the yard i want the boys to bring me milkshakes

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when someone unfollows me